Refund and Fees Policies

Refund Policy

50% refunded within first 7 days if you have not started the course, except for CPD Courses which have no refund after purchase. 

This refund policy applies to all courses. Students should take care that the chosen course is suitable for them based on the information provided. As access is given to the course immediately after payment is made, ABE Education is deemed to have provided you with what you have paid for at that point, and your course has commenced. 

While ABE has no legal requirement to apply any refund after that point, ABE will apply a refund of half of the total course cost on the conditions that: 

  1. You have not progressed through the course in any way
  2. Your request for a cancellation and refund occurs within 7 days of the transaction
  3. The course is not a CPD Course

If you believe your circumstances warrant additional consideration, please email 

Cancellations Policy

Cancellation by Student
You can cancel your course at any time in writing to If for whatever reason you wish to discuss completion of your course under difficult circumstances, please ensure you contact our support staff by phone or We may be able to assist you in finding a way to complete the course despite your circumstances. If you are having problems with the course material, we may be able to assist you. If you require additional time, we may be able to assist you.

Cancellation by ABE
ABE may cancel your enrolment: 

  • when the maximum duration of 6 months has been reached (This maximum duration applies to all courses)
  • if it is evident that you have breached the terms and conditions of enrolment in any way such as:
  • Having someone else complete the course for you
  • Cheating
  • Any type of academic misconduct such as plagiarism
  • Being deemed after enrolment as not meeting course entry requirements

Transfer Policy

If you have enrolled in the wrong course and wish to transfer to a different ABE course,  please email with your request. If your course transfer  occurs within 7 days of enrolment, you will not be charged to transfer your course. If your request is received after 7 days of your enrolment, you will be charged $20. 

Course Fees and Assurance Policy

All fees are required to be paid up-front. We guarantee the security of any payment made by participants or potential participants who have been provided with a tax invoice for the payment. Please be aware that any fees which are paid to ABE Education are deposited directly into the company's bank account which is fully audited. Such funds will not be used in any way until the participant has successfully completed their course and received their statement of attainment. To this end, the organisation can guarantee the return of fees to those students who meet the terms and conditions of the refund policy or in the event that ABE is not able to provide the course to the student in full.